Pro is particularly competent in supplying major commercial and civic projects: offices and office buildings, cultural centers and museums, hotels and restaurants, public spaces and parks.
Pro's longstanding DC-market experience – in combination with its collaborative network of more than three-dozen planning partners present on all continents – guarantees a reliable planning and distribution service on inter-regional and international projects, whether they are large-scale with hundreds of light fixtures, or those requiring only a few custom-made fittings.
We work directly with the project stakeholders at all stages to: define feasibility; set budgets; suggest fittings with particular technical and aesthetic specifications; prepare mock-up samples; and write comprehensive fixture schedules. Pro organizes all shipping and delivery of our goods to the job site. At the installation stage, we remain available to answer questions from contractors or to trouble-shoot, when necessary.

For new-project enquiries, contact Quinn Murph:
+1 202 391 7099, or